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High-efficiency Drum Pulper For Green Paper Making

As a leading company in the waste paper recycling and processing machinery manufacturing industry, Leizhan is committed to developing and producing high-quality waste paper processing equipment. Our drum pulper integrates pulping and coarse screening. Through the ingenious combination of three working areas: pre-soaking area, high-consistency beating area and screening area, it can realize continuous pulping and coarse screening of various waste papers.

Main Advantages About High-efficiency Drum Pulper

1.Waste paper is crushed under high concentration conditions of 15-20%, which greatly reduces water consumption and effectively reduces energy consumption.
2. The gentle crushing process protects the strength and length of the fibers and maximizes the cleanliness and quality of the pulp.
3. The drum pulper integrates high-consistency crushing and coarse screening, reducing maintenance costs for paper mills. At the same time, the labor demand for waste paper screening is reduced, thereby saving expenses and providing strong support for the sustainable economic development of enterprises.

Our drum pulper will provide reliable guarantee for your paper production. Choose Leizhan and choose the guarantee of quality and reliability. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us. Email