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High Grade Cultural Paper Pulping Line

Leizhan is a well-known paper making machinery manufacturer in China. It has advanced paper making technology and high-quality equipment. It has won customers from more than 40 countries and received many praises. Our high grade cultural paper pulping line mainly uses waste paper, wood pulp, etc. to produce printing paper, copy paper, A4 paper and other cultural papers. Leizhan can also provide customers with professional technical support.

High Grade Cultural Paper Pulping Line Process

Chain conveyor – D type hydrapulper – Pulp pump – High density cleaner – Incline screen – Pulp chest – Pulp pump – Conical refiner – Double disc refiner – Pulp chest – Pulp pump – White water pump – Inflow pressure screen

We can also provide you with a complete production line including pulping line and paper making line. If you have any needs please feel free to contact us. Email