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High-speed Overfeed Rewinder

High-speed Overfeed Rewinder is used for slitting the corrugated paper and A-grade kraft liner board paper initially rolled on the paper machine with a basis weight of 100-200g/m², and rewinding into a finished paper roll with a width and tightness meeting the requirements. All the bearings of 1200m/min High-speed Overfeed Rewinder use SKF bearings to provide you with high-quality products.

High-speed Overfeed Rewinder Technical Parameters

1: Paper width: 4700mm
2: Design speed: 1500m/min
3: Working speed: 1200m/min
4: Threading speed: ≤25m/min
5: The basis weight of paper: 100-200g/m²
6: Paper tension: 0.7-2kg/cm
7: Gauge: 6000mm

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