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High-speed Production 4300/1000m/min Rewinder

Leizhan has always been at the forefront of innovation in paper technology, helping our customers achieve outstanding development in paper production through unique design and efficient processes. The 4300/1000m/min rewinder is a high-speed paper rewinding equipment. Its ability to surpass traditional high-speed rewinding makes it a new benchmark for paper industry production speed. It is especially suitable for rewinding large-width, high-speed paper.

Technical Parameters Of High-speed production 4300/1000m/min Rewinder

Paper weight: 80-150 (assessment weight: 120 grams) g/m2
Clean paper width: 4300mm
Design speed: 1200 m/min
Working speed: 1200 m/min
Paper threading speed: 25 m/min
Paper threading form: underfeed
Transmission: AC transmission
Type: Split underfeed

Leizhan’s 4300/1000m/min rewinder has become a popular equipment in paper production due to its high speed, high efficiency and intelligent control. Welcome to contact us for more product information. Email