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Hot Melt Impurity Kneader Heat Disperser

If there are stickies, grease, wax, plastic, rubber and ink particles and other hot melt impurities in the pulp, a kneader heat disperser is required. Kneader heat disperser adapts special designed stator and rotor, which can’t reduce the freeness of the stock.

Technical Data Of Kneader

1.Nominal Diameter: ɸ500-ɸ800mm
2.Consistency: ≧28%
3.Treating Temperature: 90-100℃
4.Production Capacity: 34-220t/d
5.Motor Power: 110-315kw

Leizhan can provide a complete heat dispersion system for paper mills. Separation of waste paper and ink can improve pulp quality. Contact us for more details and quotations for heat dispersing machines.