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Hydrapurger For Pulping Line

In the pulping process, how to effectively remove light impurities in the pulp is crucial to improving pulp quality and reducing equipment load. Leizhan’s hydrapurger is specially designed to remove light impurities, reduce equipment load, and improve production capacity.

Features Of Hydrapurger For Pulping Line

  1. Through the function of the rotor, a large number of light impurities in the pulp can be effectively separated to ensure the stability and purity of the pulp quality.
  2. It can remove light impurities early, avoid refining impurities during the crushing process, reduce the load on subsequent process equipment, and improve the production capacity of the pulper.
  3. The design is compact and takes up little space. It is suitable for installation in limited sites and saves production space.

Leizhan is committed to providing customers with efficient pulping line equipment. If you are interested in our hydrapurger or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Email