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Inflow Pressure Screen For Paper Pulping In Paper Mill

Leizhan is committed to developing and producing high-quality, high-performance pulping equipment and providing advanced pulp screening solutions for the paper making industry. Our inflow pressure screen is suitable for fine screening equipment of pulp of various raw materials. It has the characteristics of high screening quality, high efficiency and low pulp flow pulse.

Working principle of inflow pressure screen

The inflow pressure screen is a kind of equipment that continuously screens in a completely closed state. The core working principle is to use the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the screen drum to realize the pulp screening process. The pulp inlet pipe introduces the pulp from the upper part of the machine body to the outside of the screen drum. The qualified pulp enters the screen drum through the screen holes and is exported through the good pulp pipe at the bottom. The pulp and impurities that cannot pass through the screen holes are discharged into the slag discharge pipe at the bottom.

With its unique working principle and wide application in the paper making industry, the inflow pressure screen has become an important paper pulping equipment for improving paper quality and production efficiency. Welcome to contact us for more. Email