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Large Capacity Drum Pulper

The drum pulper is very suitable for large paper mills with a production capacity of more than 1,000 tons. Drum pulper mainly used for LOCC. It is the pulper with the largest production capacity at present. It has no wearing parts and can continuously pulp. The cylinder is divided into three parts, the prepreg area, the high consistency disintegration area, and the screening area. Preliminary screening can be done.

Drum Pulper Specifications

1.Drum Diameter (mm) Φ2500-Φ4500
2.Processing Capacity(t/d) 70-1800
3.Work capacity(%) 14-18
4.Motor power(Kw) 132-1200

Leizhan installed a pulper with a drum diameter of Φ4250mm for the customer, and the customer was very satisfied with the performance. Feel free to contact us for a large-capacity stock preparation system solution.