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Paper Pulping Tool High Density Cleaner

Leizhan has been committed to the research, development and innovation of paper manufacturing technology. Leizhan has launched the latest generation of pulp chest agitator. This equipment is widely used in vertical (square) pulp chest circulating mixing, injecting new vitality into the pulping process of paper mills.

Main Features Of Pulp Chest Agitator

1. Our agitator are unique in that they have adjustable blade helix angles for excellent adaptability. This feature allows the agitator to flexibly respond to different pulping requirements, not only ensuring the suspension state of the pulp, but also effectively improving energy efficiency.
2. The external bearing design makes maintenance more convenient. Bearing maintenance can be carried out without stopping the machine, effectively shortening maintenance time and ensuring the continuity of pulping.
3. In order to ensure long-term stable operation of the pulp chest agitator, we use wear-resistant chrome-plated bushings at the packing seal. Ensure the agitator performs well in high-load pulping environments.

Leizhan’s pulp chest agitator will greatly improve your paper pulping efficiency. Our technical team has been committed to providing customers with the highest quality and most efficient paper pulping solutions. Welcome to contact us for details.