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Less Loss Double Disc Refiner

The double disc refiner is a continuous beating equipment in the paper industry. The pulp processed by the double disc refiner has been expanded to all kinds of plant fiber pulp except rag pulp and hemp pulp, producing various industrial paper, cultural paper, household paper, packaging paper, special paper Wait.

Specifications Of Double Disc Refiner

1.diameter of disc(mm) 20-58mm
2.range of op.consistency:3.5-6%
3.Min.flow:400-6000(L/Min 4%)
4.Max.flow:2400-22000(L/Min 4%)
5.Max. power:315-3000kw

Leizhan has provided double-disc refiners for many paper mills, and its subsequent operation is in good condition. If you need to build a paper mill or renew pulping equipment, you can contact us for details and quotations of paper machines and pulping equipment.