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Middle-consistency Hydrapulper For Pulping Line

Leizhan leads the development of the paper making machinery industry and is committed to providing customers with efficient and energy-saving pulping solutions. Our middle-consistency hydrapulper is an advanced equipment specially designed for crushing pulp boards, broken paper and waste paper, etc.

Advantages Of Middle-consistency Hydrapulper For Pulping Line

  1. Using advanced S-type energy-saving rotor technology, it greatly reduces energy consumption, saves costs, and contributes to the concept of environmental protection.
  2. Built-in flange of the fine pulp chamber: exquisite design makes installation and maintenance more convenient. No additional disassembly is required, saving time and labor costs and improving work efficiency.
  3. Designed specifically for high-concentration crushing, the crushing efficiency is significantly improved, allowing waste paper and other materials to be processed more thoroughly, providing better raw materials for recycling.

Leizhan’s middle-consistency hydrapulper will provide a stable and reliable solution for your pulping line. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email