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Paper Making Calender

The quality of paper is one of the important indicators to measure the competitiveness of paper products. The calender is a key equipment that affects the quality of paper, and Leizhan’s calender can improve the quality of paper through calendering.

Advantages Of Paper Making Calender

1. Using high-tech calendering rollers and advanced calendering technology, pressure can be applied evenly and continuously to make the paper surface completely flat, improving the smoothness and consistency of the paper.
2. It adopts advanced intelligent control system, which can automatically adjust according to the needs of different papers, improving the stability and accuracy of operation.
3. The calender has a friendly interface and is easy to operate. It can be operated without complicated training, which reduces operating risks and training costs.

Our paper calenders not only improve the quality and competitiveness of paper, but also make your paper products more market attractive. Email