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Paper Mill A4 Paper Production Line

Leizhan has specialized in manufacturing various paper making machinery and pulping equipment for more than 40 years. It is a large-scale and experienced professional manufacturer in the field of paper making machinery and can provide complete paper making production lines. Our A4 paper production line has high production capacity, low energy consumption and simple operation.

Main Detail Of Paper Mill A4 Paper Production Line

Raw materials: virgin pulp, recycled paper, deinked pulp.
Production capacity: 25-380t/d
Finished Products Diameter: 60~150mm (Tightness can be adjustable)
Finished Products Inner Diameter: 32~50 mm
Production speed: 160-180 m/min
Power: 5.5-15KW (Frequency speed-regulate )
Weight of equipment: 4000~8000kg (approximately)

Leizhan is an A4 paper production line supplier that has won many customers from all over the world with its high-quality products and complete pre-sales and after-sales services. If you also want to build an A4 paper production line, please contact us to get a quote. Email