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Paper Mill Machinery Felt Leading Roll

In the modern paper making industry, mechanical felt leading rolls, as one of the key equipment, play an important role. Leizhan has developed professional mechanical felt leading roll for paper mills with its outstanding technology and innovative spirit, providing reliable solutions for the global paper making industry.

Advantages of Paper Mill Machinery Felt Leading Roll

  1. Leizhan Technology’s paper mill mechanical felt leading rolls are made of high-strength special alloy steel. After precision processing and heat treatment, the roller surface is flat and wear-resistant, and it does not deform for a long time, which greatly improves the stability and durability of the equipment.
  2. Each felt leading roll is precisely designed to ensure close and seamless cooperation with various paper making equipment. The optimized roller surface structure and layout effectively improve the paper quality and production efficiency in the paper making process.
  3. Equipped with advanced sensors and control systems, it can monitor key parameters such as roller surface temperature and pressure in real time, realize intelligent operation management, and ensure the stability and controllability of the production process.

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