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Paper Mill Pulp Chest Agaitor For Pulping Line

In the pulp production process, the pulp chest agaitor is an important link in determining paper quality. In order to meet the high requirements of pulping, Leizhan produces pulp chest agaitor that can improve production efficiency and paper quality. It is mainly used to stir the pulp in the pulp chest, keep the pulp liquid in a suspended state, ensure the uniform distribution of pulp components, and facilitate the full reaction of the liquid medicine.

Main Features Of Paper Mill Pulp Chest Agaitor

1. Through circulating stirring, the pulp chest agaitor ensures that the pulp liquid remains in a suspended state, effectively preventing the deposition of pulp components and improving the mixing effect.
2. The advanced blade design gives the agaitor strong thrust, and the angle can be flexibly adjusted according to the pulp concentration to ensure efficient mixing under different conditions.

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