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Paper Mill Pulp Screening Equipment

The most important screening equipment are vibrating frame screen, centrifugal screen, pressure screen (centrifugal and centripetal). They work by using the good stock to pass through a perforated screen to separate out the coarse stock. In most cases, the size of the apertures (round or striped) of the frit determines the optimum size of impurities to be removed. We manufacture various models of pulp screening equipment.

Pulp Screening Equipment

1.Slag Lifting Machine
2.Mid Consistency Pressure Screen
3.Inflow Pressure Screen
4.Light Impurity Separator
5.Reject Separator
6.Auto-cleaning Vibrating Screen
7.Fiber Separator

We produce all kinds of pulp screening equipment and have been in the paper pulping industry for more than 40 years and have our own factory. Contact us, we provide more detailed equipment information and quotation.