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Paper Plant 4400mm Copy Paper Machine

In the modern office environment, the demand for copy paper continues to grow, and how to improve the production efficiency and quality of copy paper has become the focus of paper mills. As a leader in the paper making field, Leizhan is committed to promoting technological innovation. Our copy paper machines fully consider paper quality and adopt advanced pulp processing technology to effectively remove impurities in the paper and ensure the uniformity and smoothness of the paper.

4400mm Copy Paper Mchine Main Information

Trimmed width: 4400mm
Raw material: Virgin pulp, recycled paper, de-inked pulp.
Production speed: 160-180 m/min
Finished products diameter: 60~150mm (Tightness can be adjustable)
Finished products inner diameter: 32~50 mm
Perforation distance: 4 blade,90~160mm;2 blade,180~320mm
Power: 5.5-15KW (Frequency speed-regulate )
Mechanical driving: Driven by stepless speed-regulator to guarantee the precise length of final products.

Leizhan’s copy paper machine are not only a commitment to efficient production and paper quality, but also a responsibility to sustainable development. If you have any need feel free to contact us. Email