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Pulp Making Line Impurity Grapple

In the making process of corrugated paper, toilet paper, coated paper, etc., the waste paper recycling pulping line sometimes needs to use a grapple. The grapple is mainly used in the D-type continuous disintegration system to grab light and large impurities in the pulper. In this way, the working pressure of the subsequent pulping equipment can be relieved, and the pulp processing efficiency of the entire pulping line can be improved.

Featurers Of Grapple

1. Directly grab huge amount of light impurities from the pulp’s barrel
2. Reduce deslagging time
3. Greatly improve the pulper working efficiency

In addition, Leizhan also offers grapple for sediment well. Feel free to contact us for more quotations and detailed information on pulp lines and grapple.