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Pulp Screening Machine Vibrating Screen

During the pulping process, effectively screening out light impurities suspended in the pulp is an important step in ensuring paper making quality. The vibrating screen launched by Leizhan is a pulping equipment that integrates anti-corrosion, safety and efficiency, providing an excellent pulping solution for the paper making industry.

Advantages Of Pulp Screening Machine Vibrating Screen

1. The eccentric vibrator is assembled in the sleeve, which not only provides excellent screening effect, but also ensures the anti-corrosion safety of the equipment and extends its service life.
2. The equipment design fully considers the screening area, making it have a larger screening area among similar equipment and improving the screening capacity.
3. The self-cleaning design of the screen ensures that the equipment can maintain high screening efficiency even when running for a long time, reducing production stagnation caused by the accumulation of impurities.

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