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Pulping Chest Agitator In Pulping Line

Leizhan’s pulp chest agitator is specially designed for the pulp production process. This high-performance agitator can not only effectively maintain slurry suspension and ensure uniform distribution of paper components, but also promote the full reaction of the chemical solution, providing a new solution for paper production.

Features Of Pulping Chest Agitator

1. The blade helix angle can be adjusted according to different process requirements to improve energy efficiency and achieve an energy-saving and environmentally friendly pulping process.
2. The external bearing design facilitates maintenance, reduces downtime and improves production efficiency.
3. The use of wear-resistant materials ensures the mixer’s stability and durability during long-term operation.

Pulp chest agitator play an important role in ensuring paper quality and process efficiency. If you are looking for a high-quality pulp chest agitator, Leizhan will be your best choice.