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Pulping Line Hydrapurger

The hydrapurger is a key device of the D-type continuous pulping system. By working with the sediment well and the drum screen, it achieves the efficient separation of a large number of light impurities in the waste paper pulp and significantly improves the production efficiency. It has been praised by many paper mill customers and has been unanimously recognized by the paper industry.

Main Features Of Pulping Line Hydrapurger

  1. The hydrapurger can efficiently separate a large number of light impurities in waste paper pulp, reduce refined impurities in subsequent processes, effectively reduce equipment load, and improve the production capacity of the pulper.
  2. Using advanced rotor design and screen plate structure, the impurity separator can completely separate light impurities and pulp, and discharge light impurities out of the process, fundamentally reducing the impact of impurities on subsequent processes.
  3. Compact design, small footprint, strong adaptability, and easy installation and maintenance.

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