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Reject Separator For Pulping Line

As a high-quality fiber loosening and impurity separation equipment, the slag discharge separator plays an irreplaceable role in the paper making industry. It can not only effectively increase the fiber recovery rate and reduce resource waste, but also improve the operating efficiency of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

Main Features Of Reject Separator

1. The reject separator adopts a feed stabilizing box to ensure stable slurry supply. The slurry stabilizing box can effectively control the flow rate of the feed and the concentration of the slurry to maintain the stability of the feed.
2. The reject separator adopts a blade rotor and has strong pulp dispersing ability. The blades on the rotor are well designed and can effectively loosen the fibers in the pulp, making them easier to separate.
3. The equipped screening water spray device can separate fiber particles from impurities and use the water spray system to wash them, making the fiber recovery rate higher and reducing resource waste.

Reject separator is one of Leizhan’s flagship products. We believe it will provide efficient productivity for your paper pulping line. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email