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Small Paper Mill Vibrating Screen

The vibrating screen is mainly used to remove impurities in the pulp. The vibrating screen provided by Leizhan can achieve the following points: good screening effect; stable operation; low noise; simple maintenance.

Specifications Of Vibrating Screen

1.Area of Screen (m2) 1-3
2.Product Capacity of Hole screen (t/d) 7.5-75
3.Product Capacity of Gap Screen (t/d) 3.5-25
4.Input Pulp Concentration of Hole screen (%) 1.0-1.5
5.Input Pulp Concentration of Gap Screen (%) 0.5-0.8
6.Motor power (Kw) 2.2-4

Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of paper and pulping equipment. The screening equipment that Leizhan can provide includes: vibrating screen, medium consistency pressure screen, inflow pressure screen, reject separator, light impurity separator, etc. Welcome to contact Leizhan for more details and quotations of pulp and paper equipment.