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Softwood Pulp Papermaking Machine

Softwood pulp is also called softwood pulp or long-fiber wood pulp. Softwood pulp has longer fibers than hardwood pulp and is an excellent pulp for papermaking. Generally, it mainly produces advanced printing paper, such as coated paper, map paper, offset paper, etc. and industrial technical paper, etc.

Softwood Pulp Features

1. Fiber: long and thin pure cork fiber, less impurities;
2. Wood density (hardness): closely related to pulp quality. Hardwoods are denser than softwoods.
3. Application: Softwood pulp is an excellent raw material for papermaking. It is often used in the production of text printing paper, map printing paper, industrial paper, etc. Compared with softwood pulp, hardwood pulp is inferior and is mainly mixed with softwood pulp to produce copperplates. paper, light coated paper.

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