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Waste Paper Bale Breaker In Paper Plant

As a leader in the pulping equipment and paper machine industries, Leizhan is committed to developing and producing high-quality waste paper treatment equipment. The waste paper bale breaker is mainly used for “pulping and screening” of waste paper bales. It can effectively remove light and heavy impurities in waste paper, and has good dust-proof effect and environmental protection characteristics.

Main Features Of Waste Paper Bale Breaker

1. Dispersing bundled raw materials and dry screening to remove light and heavy impurities.
2. The labyrinth seal design of the screening area is adopted to effectively prevent dust leakage.
3. The double-sided reducer connecting rod transmission technology ensures strong transmission force and makes the equipment operation more stable and reliable.
4. The specially designed screening and residue separation device simplifies the process and directly enters the paper into the raw materials after bulk packaging, which greatly improves the operating efficiency.
5. Discharge port sealing and water film dust removal technology further ensure a clean working environment.

Leizhan’s pulping equipment has advanced technology and stable performance, and can efficiently process waste paper and improve work efficiency. Contact me anytime if you need anything. Email