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Waste Paper D-Type Hydrapulper

D Type Hydrapulper is mainly used for disintegrating all kinds of pulp board, damaged paper and waste paper. Through disintegrating, waste paper D-Type hydrapulper can maximum make the paper’s fiber disintegrating into fiber bundles or single fibers, while at the same time, waste paper D-Type hydrapulper can maximize maintain impurity’s shape and strength. The good performance of D-Type hydrapulper has won the favor of many people.

Main Specification Of D-Type Hydrapulper

1.Normal Volume: 5-140m³
2.Concentration: 3-5%
3.Capacity: 30-1200t/d
4.Motor Power: 75-1250kw
5.Screen Hole Size:φ10-φ24mm

The D-type hydraulpulper greatly improves the pulp disintegration capacity, and is an ideal equipment for the paper making industry to disintegrate pulp board, broken paper and waste paper. In addition, our company Leizhan also supply cleaner, refiner, pressure screen and other pulping equipment. Welcome to consult us about pulp equipment.