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Waste Paper Pulping Equipment Drum Pulper

The drum pulper changes the pulping method of the traditional hydraulic pulper using high-speed rotating impellers and blades. It is a gentle decomposition that retains the original length and strength of the fibers and can obtain higher quality pulp.

Drum Pulper Main Features

1. It can be used for waste paper raw materials with poor quality. Regardless of the moisture content of waste paper, impurity content or various characteristics of waste paper fiber, the drum pulper can adapt to and process stably.
2. There is no strong cutting effect during the fiber decomposition process, so the original quality of the waste paper fiber can be better retained. Impurities in the raw materials such as tape, plastic, hot melt adhesive, rope, etc. can be removed without being broken down.
3. The slag discharge efficiency is high, which can greatly reduce the load of subsequent equipment, reduce production energy consumption, and reduce production costs.

Our drum pulper is an advanced waste paper processing and pulping equipment that meets your needs for efficient waste paper processing in the paper production process. If you are interested in our drum pulper or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Email