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2400mm Fourdrinier Tissue Paper Making Machine


2400mm fourdrinier tissue paper machine can for 7-10tpd tissue paper making. Before tissue paper making, it is also need paper pulping, so the paper pulping process is also very important.

2400mm Tissue Paper Machine

GSM: 13-30g/m2

Trimmed width: 2400mm

Capacity: 7-10t/d

Design speed: 200m/min

Work speed: 150-170m/min

Center distance: 3400mm

Drive mode: AC variable frequency

Paper Pulping Process

The raw material white shavings and wood pulp into the hydrapulper for pulping, following the pulp is conveyed into high density cleaner for removing impurities, then the pulp go through inclined screen into refiner equipment for further pulping, then the fine pulp will be conveyed into paper machine for paper making.