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How To Install Fiber Separator

Fiber Separator is mainly used to separate light and heavy impurities in waste paper pulp, and also to make the secondary breaking of the pulp from the hydrapulper. By doing this, the screen plate hole of the hydrapulper can be increased, which improves the production capacity of it.

Fiber Separator Machine Installation Steps

1.Place concrete foundation, remains foundation bolt hole, 15 days later, equipment can be installed.

2.Fix foundation bolt to equipment foundation, then hang and move equipment on the concrete foundation, check the installation size according to the foundation.

3.Put parallel between foundation and equipment base,strike parallel close to foundation holes till a 20mm-30mm second grouting layer space is formed on the bottom of base.

4.Put level gauge on the position of horizontal line, by adjusting parellel, make levelness 0.2mm/m.

5.Hoist motor and rail on foundation and make them align with separator, make sure the standard installation size is correct.

6.Grout in the remained foundation hole and maintain 12 days.

7.Put parallel beside each foundation bolt to make fine check.

8.Grout for the second time, make machine foundation sealed in mortar totally.

9.Fasten foundation bolt again, make sure the machine is finely checked.

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