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Ideal Cleaning Machine High Density Cleaner

Ideal Cleaning Machine High Density Cleaner

As a leading supplier of complete paper production lines, Leizhan design and work out high performance cleaning solutions for paper and pulp industry.

Leizhan works out tailored cleaning solutions for paper and pulp plants to meet the exacting needs.  Leizhan cleaning solutions contains two series of cleaning equipment: ZSC series high density cleaner and KH series low density cleaner.

ZSC Series High Density Cleaner is a slag removal machine of waste paper pulp. It is used to improve product’s quality, grade and purify. It is the ideal cleaning equipment of waste paper pulp, especially benefits the purification of waste pulp.

Structure of ZSC High density cleaner

ZSC High density cleaner is equipped with input and output pipe,up cone, down cone, the recoil waterway, heavy impurity pot and so on. It has two types: manual discharging type and automatic discharging type. Automatic discharging mode is equipped with pneumatic valves, PLC control cabinet.

Benefits and features of  ZSC High density cleaner

  1.  Small occupied space.
  2. High purification efficiency.
  3. Less fiber loss.
  4. Cone wearable pressure, long service life.
  5. Manual discharge and self-discharging type.
  6. Ceramic liner.
  7. Large production capacity.