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M.C. Pressure Screen for Pulping Project

The M.C. Pressure Screen is suitable for thermal screening of wood pulp or straw pulp, coarse screening or fine screening of chemical pulp and waste paper pulp. This equipment continuously screens the slurry in a completely closed state. The M.C. Pressure Screen produced by Leizhan is of high cost, good quality, sturdiness and durability, and is worthy of choice for paper mills.

Features of M.C. Pressure Screen

1. The M.C. Pressure Screen adopts high-quality imported accessories, with high cost, good quality and advanced structure.
2. The M.C. Pressure Screen adopts an automatic oil injection device, which reduces the maintenance burden of the equipment.
3. The M.C. Pressure Screen can normally screen the pulp at a fairly high consistency (2.5-4%), which effectively reduces the water circulation and system energy consumption in the production process.

Leizhan provides paper mills with various uses of paper machines and pulping equipment at preferential prices. If you are interested in purchasing related equipment, you are welcome to consult us.