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Paper Machine Dryer Section Tips


Paper machine dryer section design and performance is more important in paper making process. And the traditional drying is commonly used in paper machine dryer section.

Traditional Drying In Dryer Section

1. Traditional drying usually use steam heating dryer cylinder, the temperature of paper sheet into dryer cylinder generally is about 4-30℃. The paper sheet is heated to 73-93 ℃ from this temperature. Drying temperature is too high, will give the paper sheet adverse consequences, for translucent paper and wood pulp paper, drying temperature can not be too high.

2. High-temperature drying is suitable for kraft paper and paperboard manufactured at high speed paper machine. Paperboard more drying at a higher temperature, but the temperature is too high, will cause paperboard layering in paper making process. Generally used the method of gradually increasing the steam pressure, that is, minimum steam pressure in paper machine drying section wet end, can prevent the occurrence of sticky rollers, bubbles, layering, surface curl.

3. The highest steam pressure is used at dry end of drying section. In addition, the steam should be as far as possible not to contain non-condensable gas, because the non-condensable gas will reduce the drying rate, and the moisture content of paper sheet will affect the finished paper characteristics.