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Paper Pulping Line

Paper Pulping Line

Paper is made from the cellulose fibres in the wood, for paper making the first step is to dissolve the material into pulp. The pulp produced in paper pulping process will be conveyed into paper machine for paper making, so the pulping process is very vital for finished paper quality.

Paper Pulping Process Types

Mechanical Pulp: In order to produce mechanical pulp, wood is ground against a water lubricated rotating stone. The heat produced by grinding softens the lignin binding the fibres and the mechanised forces separate the fibres to form groundwood. Mechanical pulp will make paper with colour tone and high opacity, smooth surface.

Chemical Pulp: For producing chemical pulp, wood is firstly cut into wood chips and then is cooked with chemicals under high pressure. Cooking will remove lignin and separate the wood into cellulose fibres.

Compare: Chemical pulp for paper making is more expensive than mechanical pulp, but it has the better strength and brightness.

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