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70-120T/D ZG2500 Drum Pulper Pulp Machine


ZG2500 Drum Pulper paper pulp processing machine can be used in 70-120T/D waste paper recycling plant for pulping and screening of waste paper under high consistency.

Technical data of ZG2500 Drum Pulper

Type: ZG2500
Nominal diameter: 2500mm
Screen hole specification: Φ9/10/11mm
Motor power: 132KW 1500rpm
Capacity: 70-120T/D
Pulping consistency: 18%
Fine pulp consistency: 4%
Fine pulp flow: 100-160m³/h

Components of ZG2500 Drum Pulper

Major component of ZG2500 Drum Pulper: Feeding device, Drum part, Bracket wheel driving, Catch wheel device, Transmission, Automatic oil lubrication system, Anchor bolt, Main motor, Stand-by motor are included in the scope of supply of Leizhan.