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How Pulp Refiner to Affect Paper Quality

How Pulp Refiner to Influence Paper Quality

Pulp Refining machine is widely used in pulp and paper making industry. Pulp refiner can be used for improving pulp beating and breaking degree in paper processing line. It has great effect on final paper products quality.

Pulp Refiner effects in paper products making line

1. When the paper sheet’s ash content is too less, paper makers can use Pulp Refiner to improve pulp beating degree to close paper sheet for improving filler retention rate.

2. The result of web attach Dryer cylinder is due to paper sheet structure is too tight, it means there are too much little fiber, paper producers can solve the problem by reducing pulp beating degree use Pulp Refiner.

3. Broke paper stain is mainly because broke paper is not be well pulped with Hydrapulper machine.

4. If the paper bulk is too low, reduce pulp beating degree with Pulp Refiner, to make sheet structure better.

5. Bursting test can be improved by adjusting pulp beating degree use Pulp Refiner.

6. Black stain is cause by bad web forming. Pulp beating use Pulp Refiner can make stock distribute uniformly.

7. Air permeability changes rapidly with pulp beating degree(Improve beating degree and beating consistency increase permeability resistance.