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Reject Separator for Pulp Processing


Reject Separator is a highly efficient pulp cleaning unit, is used in the coarse screening system for the processing of unsorted secondary fibres and waste paper pulp. 

Configuration of Reject Separator

Rotating assembly comprise of SS-304 Rotor, EN-9 Shaft, Wear  Resistant Shaft Protecting Sleeve, Stuffing Box and gland packing.

Design feature of Reject Separator

Under the normal pressure, the stock flows into reject separator. Affected by the centrifugal force from high-speed rotating rotor, accepts are separated from the rejects by passing through the screen plate. At the same time, with the rotating effect of the rotor, the accepts will flow into the next process and the rejects will be defibrillated again. Furthermore, the rejects will be flushed continuously with water in order to recycle the stock in the rejects. Low consumption in energy and cost reduction. After processed, the rejects are with less fiber and less water.