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Useage of Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor for Raw Material Handling Machine

Chain Conveyor usage-raw material handling machine

Leizhan develops comprehensive solutions tailored to your individual process, from raw material preparation up to the finished end product. Chain conveyor is an efficient raw material handling machine for paper producers.

BFW series chain conveyor is for feeding raw material like waste paper, pulp board to the pulping systems. Leizhan chain conveyor can be horizontal conveyor or inclined conveyor(<25°). It adopts chain to drive through plate to transport raw material. With advantages of reasonable structure, large transmission capacity, Lower power consumption, less wear, reliable operation, it is the ideal waste paper conveying equipment.

Chain conveyor has the benefits of large transmission capacity, large transmission angle, and stable and reliable running. Although belt conveyor’s investment cost is low, but its transmission capacity is small, and it is easy to skid when the transmission angle is large.