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Vietnam Complete Tissue Paper Pulping Line

As a leader in the field of domestic pulping machinery, Leizhan is famous for its excellent technical strength and advanced production equipment. In order to ensure the best use experience for Vietnamese paper mills, Leizhan will personally send a technical team to Vietnam to conduct on-site installation and commissioning of tissue paper pulping lines.

Vietnam Complete Tissue Paper Pulping Line Equipment

Conveying machine: Bale Open Conveyor
Pulper machine: Midddle Consistency Hydrapulper
Screening machine: NLS low-pulse Inflow Pressure Screen, Vibrating Screen
Other pulping machines: Double Disc Refiner, Agaitor, etc.

By introducing Leizhan’s advanced technology and pulping equipment, Vietnamese manufacturers will be able to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and win a broader space for their tissue paper in the market. Welcome to contact us to set up a complete pulping line.