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Coating Paper Machine Supplier


Coating paper machine mainly can divide into roller type, air blade type and doctor blade coating paper machine, there are some details about the three types coating paper machine

Coating Paper Machine Types

Roller Coating Paper Machine: The roller coater is coating to the paper with coating roller. The coating amount can be adjusted by measuring the pressure between the rollers, the pressure is strengthened, the throughput of the coating is reduced, and coating amount is also reduced. Roller double-sided coating machine has the advantage of simple structure, can double-sided coating, not easy to produce coating streaks. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to obtain the coating thickness of the air blade coater, and the smoothness and glossiness of doctor blade coater.

Air Blade Paper Machine: Air blade coating paper machine is that use the air of pressurized jet out, to make the coating amount adjustment and coating smoothness, referred to as air blade coating. Air blade coating has the advantage of being able to get a thick coating, the coating layer is relatively uniform, it is difficult to produce broken paper when coating, especially suitable for pressure-sensitive coating. The disadvantage is that can’t coating with high solid content, and the air blade is susceptible to partial clogging of the dry coating, causing coating traces.

Doctor Blade Coating Paper Machine: The principle of doctor blade coating paper machine is basically same as the air blade coater, the coating is coated on the paper and the excess paint is scratched, and the surface of the coating is smoothed, the difference is that the steel blade for coating and scraping. The advantage of doctor blade coating paper machine is that the coating surface is very flat and is not affected by the base paper; It is not required to have a soft and fluidity of the coating and can be coated with high solids and high speed. The disadvantage is that when the debris mixed into the coating, easy to stuck in the blade-edge, leaving a long strip on the paper, and the doctor blade is easy to wear, must be frequently replaced; Coating is generally not too thick, the thickness and uniformity requirements of the base paper is more stringent.