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Coating Paper Making


Coating Paper Making is the process of painting a layer of coating color in the base paper to make the paper has a good optical properties and printing performance, it’s widely used for printing magazines, books and other published paper and trademarks, packaging, catalogs and other printed paper.

Coating Paper Keys

Coated paper making is coating on the base paper, after drying and use the calendering machine to make its surface smooth, so the base paper and coating color is an important factor for coated paper quality.

1. Base Paper: Base Paper should have a strong adsorption to the coating color, don’t have wrinkles, holes and other paper defects;

2. Coating color: The coating color should meet the operability and printability of the coating;

Paper Coating Ways

1. On-Machine Coating: The coating machine is connecting with papermaking machine, less occuption of machine, lower cost;

2. Off-Machine Coating: The coating machine is separating with papermaking machine, large quantity production, suitable for the production of variety products;

Coating Paper Machine

Coating Paper Machine use waste paper, virgin pulp as material to make high quality coating board paper.

Trimmed Width(mm): 2400-6600

Basic Weight Range(GSM): 200-350

Operating Speed(m/min): 200-600

Production Capacity(TPD): 200-1400