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Paper Mill Sludge Management


Paper making sludge is a big problem in paper making process for paper mill, so how to deal with the paper mill sludge?

Paper Making Sludge Feature

1. Large sludge produced.

2. Fiber content is large. Compared with the sludge produced by other sewage, the dewatering performance is better, the dosage of flocculant is relatively small.

Paper Making Sludge Treatment

1. Paper making sludge can be used in papermaking workshop. Papermaking wastewater contains a lot of fiber, in the waste water treatment process, some of the fiber to stay in the sludge, so it can be reused after treatment, in this time, should pay attention to biochemical sludge can not be reused. As the fiber in sludge is small, may cause the paper quality decreased, easy to break the paper machine in the reuse process, better used in the lower speed paper machine for low-grade corrugated paper making.

2. Paper making sludge can be filter processing. The pulp discharged from the sludge workshop has a high fiber content, adding the right amount of polypropylene acetamide before into the belt filter can achieve a better dehydration effect; And the sludge discharged with biochemical treatment system, adding appropriate amount of chlorine aluminum, ferric chloride, etc, combined with polyacrylamide used. But the general paper mill will be two kinds of sludge mixed together to deal with.

Sludge Dewatering Machine Specification

Width Of Net: 1500-3000mm

Speed Of Belt: 1.5-8m/min

Concentration Of Input Pulp: 1.5-4%

Concentration Of Output Pulp: 20-30%

Pressure Of Washing Water: ≥0.5

Quantity Of Mud: 110-400t/d

Motor Power: 2.2+1.1-5.5+2.2kw