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Paper Pulp Pump Equipment


Paper pulp pump is widely used in paper making process, with long service time, pulp pump equipment power will decline, so what’s the reason?

1. Because of the scouring of the water flow, the inner wall of the water pump flow and the surface of impeller become rough, the friction coefficient of water pump inner flow increases, and the flow rate of water in the pump is large, and the water head is added lost. Hydraulic power declines.

2. Because of the reason for adding drugs or water before the pump, serious fouling or corrosion in the pump casing occurs. Scaling in the pump shell will increase pulp pump shell wall thickness, and the inner wall of water pump form scale tumor, will cause pump body volume reduce, pumping will down, and the runner is rough, loss of the head to add. Volumetric power and hydraulic power are declining.

3. As a result of the pump processing defects, cavitation, abrasion, corrosion and chemical erosion and other reasons, fictitious and break occurred in the pulp pump waterway, the water flow occurs vortex and cause energy loss. Hydraulic power decreased.