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Paper Two-Sidedness In Paper Making Process


Paper Two-Sidedness problems may occur in paper making process, and paper two-sidedness has a great impact on prtinting quality. So what’s the impact of paper two-sidedness and how to solve paper two-sidedness?

Paper Two-Sidedness Influence

1. The smoothness and sizing difference of paper two sides caused the difference of the ink acceptance and absorption between the paper two sides, when the absorbency differences of paper two sides is large, the ink of printing paper two sides is in different shades, and even occur printing failure.

2. The higher of the paper frontal smoothness, the better of the inking effect; but the surface strength is lower than the reverse, which is more likely to occur ink picks in the printing. However, the reverse side of the paper is rougher, ink effect is worse than the frontal surface, but the surface strength is high, ink picks is not easy to occurred.

How To Solve Paper Two-Sidedness?

1. Paper making machine use vertical twin-wire paper machine, wire section use the method of two-sides dehydration at the same time, so that both sides of the paper tends to be consistent;

2. In the fourdrinier paper machine add folding wire, the front of the paper is also properly dehydrated, so paper two sides performance can closer;

3. Chemical retention agents can be used to keep the filler and fine fibers as small as possible on the reverse side to reduce loss. As a result, both sides of the paper can be improved. In addition, the proper use of pressing and calendering equipment can also effectively improve the paper two sideness.