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Pressure Screen Equipment In Paper Pulping Process


In paper pulping process, the pulp pressure screen equipment may appear blocking, so how to prevent pressure screen equipment blocking?

When pressure screen equipment work, the pulp with a certain pressure from the tangential direction into screen frame, due to the pressure difference of inlet and outlet pulp, so that fine pulp go through the screen hole, the accumulation of fiber layer in screen plate, will be scoured by the pressure pulse formed in the rotation process of rotor. The gap between the front part of rotor and screen plate is so small that the pulp is pressed to the screen plate outside, and due to the gap of the rotor rear part is gradually expand, formed with a negative pressure in its part, and the pulp in screen plate outside is returned to the scouring screen hole to make the accumulate of fibrous layer breaking at regular intervals to prevent screen hole blocking.

Before Working:

1. Open the cover, check if there are foreign matters in the pressure screen equipment. In the transport and installation process, if some parts, debris and others left in the screen equipment, and not clean timely before working, will damage screen cylinder and rotor seriously.

2. The rotor should be able to flexible rotation, no stuck phenomenon. The gap between the rotor and screen cylinder should be pre-adjusted.

3. Check the mechanical seal water supply system if is normal, if work without supplying water, will be easy to damage the mechanical seal.

4. Adjust the tension of the V-belt to the appropriate level, jog the motor, check the direction of spindle rotation, from the top of the machine in reverse direction rotation.