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Spare Parts Dryer Cylinder Paper Machine

The main components of the dryer cylinder include: roller shell, spoiler, siphon, end cap, manhole cover, bearing, shaft head, steam joint and so on. The cast iron dryer for paper machines is used as a key component for paper drying – pressure vessels. The number of cast iron dryers accounts for about two-thirds of the total pressure vessels in the paper industry. In terms of manufacturing quality, it is required to have no penetration and excessive blisters. In order to increase the smoothness of the paper surface, it is required to polish the outer surface of the dryer and to illuminate the inner surface, so that the entire drying cylinder wall is kept thick and uniform to ensure the drying cylinder safety, balance and uniform heat transfer everywhere.

Paper Equipment Drying Principle

1.The saturated steam introduced from the steam joint condenses inside the dryer, and the released heat causes the temperature of the dryer to rise, thereby heating the sheet coated on the surface of the roll shell. Heat is transferred to the paper during contacting between the paper and the dryer surface.
2.The condensed heat of the steam generates a large amount of condensed water. The condensed water is attached to the inner surface of the drying cylinder by the centrifugal force due to the rotation of the drying cylinder. When the angular velocity is high, a water ring is formed, which hinders the transfer of heat to the surface of the drying cylinder and the siphon discharges the condensate in time. When the vehicle speed is low, no water ring will be formed, but there will also be condensed water splashing and accumulating in the drying cylinder.

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