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Waste Recycle Paper Making By Drying Method

Generally speaking, traditional wet papermaking process disperses pulp into water and then uses paper forming wire to form paper sheets. Dry papermaking uses fluff pulp as the main raw material, and the fluff pulp board is disintegrated into loose individual fibers in the hammer machine. The individual fibers are then transported by airflow to a web forming machine, sprayed with a latex resin or with hot melt two-component thermal bonding fibers or both, being a web on the forming web and consolidated into paper.

Products By using Drying

Compared with traditional paper making methods, drying paper making has no process of water absorption and shrinkage, and the product isn’t as tight as the paper produced by wet method. Therefore, the drying paper product has large thickness, high bulk and good softness. The liquid absorbing ability and strength are high, even after moisture absorption, and have a similar appearance to paper and a performance feeling close to the cloth. Therefore, drying paper is currently mainly used for the production of dry and wet wipes, including absorbent cores for household and industrial use, sanitary napkins, diapers, etc.

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