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Energy-saving Vertical Hydrapulper

Energy-saving Pulping Machine Vertical Hydrapulper
The energy-saving waste paper pulping machine ZDS series vertical hydrapulper is used in paper stock preparation system and can effectively breaking and pulping pulp board, waste paper, damage paper, wood pulp, etc.

Features of waste paper pulping machine vertical hydrapulper

1. Energy-saving VOKES rotor strengthens hydraulic circulation and fiber relief, low energy consumption.
2. Sieve plate is placed in the at the bottom of the cone cylinder, high pulping effect.
3. Seminal plasma chamber flange built-in, easy installation and maintenance.

Advantages of ZDS Vertical Hydrapulper

Paper pulping machine ZDS series vertical hydrapulper can crush waste paper and deinking under high consistency, and it has the benefits of large capacity, low energy consumption and high pulping effect. Leizhan vertical hydrapulper is easy to maintain and has the advantages of long service life, less noise, small vibration, and can save  50% water and energy consumption.

Leizhan supply

In addition to waste paper pulping machine ZDS series vertical hydrapulper, Leizhan supplies other paper production machines for waste paper recycling system, like Drum pulper, Pressure screen, Fiber separatorPulp pump, etc.