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Features of Trommel Drum Screen


The work part of Trommel drum screen is in cylindrical shape, the whole sieve rotate around the axis of cylinder. The material feed from one end of the cylinder, little material  come through from the cylinder mesh, large material discharge from the other end of the cylinder.

Trommel drum screen is a coarse pulp screening equipment used in waste paper pulping process. It is used for removing light large impurities in pulp production process. It has the benefits of good screening effect, low power consumption, simple structure, stable work and excellent dynamic balance.

Trommel drum screen have the following purposes:

1. To set it after the High consistency hydrapulper for coarse screening of the waste paper pulp after Hi-con hydrapulper, remove the large impurities in the pulp.

2. To set it after Reject separator or Coarse screen, can efficiently process the stranded impurities in Reject separator or Coarse screen, further recovery of fine pulp, reduce fiber loss.