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High Quality M.C. Hydrapulper

Mid consistency hydrapulper is a high quality paper pulping machine in waste paper recycling process which is used for breaking and pulping waste paper, pulp board, wood pulp and other raw materials under high consistency.

Features of Mid consistency hydrapulper machine

1. Pulping consistency can reach 5%-8%.
2. High pulping efficiency, less water and energy needs.
3. Fine pulp chamber frange built-in, easy to install and maintain.
4. High consistency pulping, good pulping effect.
5. Energy saving S type rotor design, advanced gap between rotor and sieve plate ensures good pulping effect.

In addition to high quality paper pulping equipment Mid consistency hydrapulper machine, Leizhan supplies other paper production equipmentes for paper plant, like D type hydrapulper, Refiner machine, Pulp chest agitator, etc.