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New Type Pulping Equipment Drum Pulper

ZG series drum pulper is mainly used in the paper and pulp making industry to pulp and coarse screen waste paper under high consistency condition. Leizhan new type pulping equipment Drum pulper has pre-soaking section, pulping section and screening section. It can maximum keep the waste paper’s fiber quality.

Advantages of ZG series drum pulper

Continuous pulping equipment drum pulper can greatly reduce the follow-up equipment load, very suit for no-selecting waste paper processing. Small run current, less wear parts, low maintenance cost. What’s more, the new type drum pulper can save labor for the waste paper selecting , so can save the expenses.

Leizhan paper machines supply

In addition to the new type drum pulper, Leizhan also delivers other types of paper machines for waste paper processing system. Such as: M.C. hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Low density cleaner, Vibrating screen, ect.